Sunday, 9 April 2017


Below are 6 PNG Bunting Pieces for you as a FREEBIE :)
Now the idea behind these is not only can you make bunting from them (and they are pretty large PNGs too) is that you combine with the Label (as above) and pop them onto the front of a card. I'll make up a card this week to show you what I mean but in the meantime please feel free to download the 6 individual buntings.
You must first click each bunting to open the right mouse & save, if you don't open them first you'll only save a tiny thumbnail of the bunting which will only be useful in a tiny dolls house :)
These are made to match my Paper Pack 1
Let me know what you think xxx
PS the strung together bunting is only for display & as such is only a little pic

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