Monday, 2 July 2018


Here's a great DVD for those "hard to do men's cards"!

I've created these fun cards to cover cowboy, cowboy & beer and just beer.
There's a black line just on the outside of the images making them easy to cut out (just cut inside the line and as an added bonus for those who have the Brother Scan N Cut if you set your cut line to -0.3 it will cut out perfectly to the edge of the design :)

As usual with my designs they come to you not only with the wording in place, they are also included with no wording so you can add your own in programmes such as Craft Artist, My Craft Sudio etc. The wording is also included as separate PNG's

This is the front with the decoupage

and this is the back. Full instructions is included on the worksheets. You also get the Wanted Poster blank.

With a vintage feel these will be loved by any keen golfer.

I love these long suffering dogs :)

The insert says " Not ANOTHER Birthday"

and the insert for this one says "In dog years you'd be" and you're left to put in the number :)

Classy vintage car is a must

along with a classic vintage motorbike

This way to your... "Birthday"

These funny pigs are bound to cheer up any man :)


  1. Received this CD today and true to form for Wendy, it is absolutely magnificent. Every bit of the DVD/CD it perfect, I am so please I purchased this as I am so pleased with every file and CD/DVD that I have purchase, thank you Wendy you are so talented and I am so pleased to have found you.

    Kind Regards
    Lynne Needham

  2. Thank you Lynne and I'm so happy to hear all that too :) makes my day xxx


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