Saturday, 11 March 2017


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  1. Hiya Wendy, Sue here . . . so glad to see you back blogging your wonderful creations and inspiration - you have been missed. The cards shown are so beautiful as always - by the way are you at Leigh on the 1st April? (My birthday on the day of the show this year and I always like to get to Leigh). Take care and look forward to seeing more of your inspiration. Sue x

  2. Hi Sue, It's good to be back :)
    No I'm not doing the Leigh Show myself but hoping to be there on a fun day out with my friends :) so might bump into you but if I don't Happy Birthday for that day.
    Hugs Wendy xxx

  3. Hi Wendy
    I'm so glad your back thought you had gone for good, can't wait for all your new goodies shame you won't be showing your things at Leigh
    but maybe you will later on in the year,
    Sandy K x
    Ps your cards are as lovely as ever

  4. Wow all gorgeous Wendy as usual!


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